Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ready or not...

Hi everybody... I cannot believe how quick time is flying by, I guess I'd better get used to it, eh? I hope this reaches everyone well and happy and that you all have cooler plans than me to ring in the new year this evening. :) 2009 promises to be the most unforgettable year thus far for us, as we welcome our son and daughter, an event that keeps creeping ever near... As I enter the last few weeks of my pregnancy I am truly trying to treasure each moment, which is proving more and more difficult as my back is giving me serious trouble these days. It all comes with the territory though and I know it will be over soon, which is bittersweet. One of my favorite things about the last couple of months as I've gotten further into the pregnancy is feeling them move and feeling them hiccup! They actually had the hiccups at the same time one day, something I never imagined could or would happen and it left me speechless and in tears... it really was a beautiful couple of minutes... Since they're so much bigger now their movement is more pronounced which is fascinating and helps me connect with them. When they move I get to talk to them and I can feel who is who and what is what... Kristian has finally felt them both move which helps him feel more connected physically to the process also. He has been such a bright light through this whole process and I can say with no hesitation that this is the most in love we have ever been with each other, and sorry if that makes anyone puke. :) He has stepped up to the plate in every way, since June he has completely transformed our home into a warm welcoming place for our family of four, all with a smile on his face. It's so special to watch his face light up when we talk about the babies, and there's this confidence about him that, sure, may be naive, but a little faith never hurt anyone and he understands as well as I do just how lucky we are and just how incredible of an opportunity we have in front of us. Whenever I'm out and get into a discussion with someone about the fact that we're having twins, I get one of two reactions - 1) "my condolences!" or 2) "oh my, you're so lucky!" I have always, even through the initial shock of the very first ultrasound, felt the latter. This is one of two times in my life, the other being through our wedding trip to Hawaii, that has brought on bouts of spontaneous and simultaneous laughter and sobbing, a natural and fleeting reaction that only comes from the feeling that "this is what life is about, it doesn't get any better than this." I'll take swollen feet and a gimpy back any day for that. You can't re-create the feeling that I have right now, and you parents, I know, know how I feel. And what I don't know yet is what is the exciting part...The fist time I hear them cry, see them smile, take their first steps... This really is what life is all about, and I will make it through the next 5 or 6 weeks, with a smile on my face, waiting anxiously to meet my new baby girl and baby boy. :)
So, I know, I know, it's been a while since I posted, the most recent update from yesterday (31 weeks) is that everything is going really well, both with the babies and me. As of 3 weeks ago both babies weighed in just under 3 lbs, and as of yesterday they're now tipping the scales at 4 lbs a piece! If I make it to 37 weeks (our goal), we could have a couple of 6 pounders on our hands! Fine by me! Although I may have to deal with not actually having the ability to walk anymore until after I give birth - it's difficult enough as it is right now! After my 28 week ultrasound, my Dr. (Dr. Gi-Gi Streiff) was a little concerned about Ollie's amniotic fluid levels, so that's why she had me come in a week earlier than scheduled for the next big ultrasound. Just as she suspected it might, the fluid leveled itself back out and everything looks great with the babies. I am still right on track with my weight and doing everything I can to eat right, and if by "eating right" you mean indulging in ready to bake Tollhouse oatmeal raisin cookies every other night then I'm doing splendidly. :) (It's really all Kristian's fault, he is a bad influence and will be very mad when I go back to actually paying attention to what I eat...). Mostly I do a great job, but sweets really are the devil.
So here's a bunch of photos from the past couple of months, enjoy! I hope 2009 is a healthy and prosperous year for you all! After 2008 it wouldn't hurt, right?! Lots of love, Joanna

My belly photo and the babies' ultrasound photos from their 24 week ultrasound!
Raya - she wasn't quite in the mood....Ollie was super cooperative and gave us this most handsome portrait... Awww.
And here are some photos from the baby shower, it was a beautiful day and I got to see a lot of ladies that I don't get to see very often... The cake was amazing, it came from Truffes bakery, a bakery that work with pretty often at weddings, vanilla butter cream with white cake and coffee butter cream filling... mmmm. The shower was a whirlwind of gift opening and I didn't get much opportunity to talk to anyone at length, (hence not many photos!) but then again I guess people realize that's how it normally goes. Thanks everyone for coming and really helping me and Kristian get ready for the babies! All of the gifts and love and support are super appreciated - we love you all!!
Kristian's mom (grandma Sue) made these beautiful arrangements for the party...Holy belly batman! And I was only 25 weeks! GramBonnie with the cake :)Aunt Mary (Adams) hand made this care basket - it was so cute and I know it took her a long time to put it together - she hand rolled 72 diapers and stitched the clothes on the little baby dolls! Crazy lady! You're the best, I love you tons...
Below are some incredibly cute hand made gifts that the babies were given, the hand-knit hats and scarves below were made by one of my long-time friend Janet's mom Jean...Jean I can't WAIT to photograph the babies in these, quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen...And another one of the cutest things I've ever seen was given to the babies by my sister-in-law Julia, they are hand made baby booties that she found by on Etsy. com made by a woman who calls her company Piddies, and as you can tell they're made to look like little animals, in this case wales and mice! So cute!! 27 weeks!

28 weeks! And look at my gorgeous babies in their ultrasound photos! Ollie refused to give us a face shot, but as you can tell we got every other kind of shot! Stinker...Ollie's leg and foot, awww.Ollie's, ahem, boy bits....The twin's heads together, they must be plotting! Raya smiling!What a pretty baby girl!!