Thursday, September 25, 2008

The gumballs were right!!

Hey everyone! Last night was amazing, as expected, and today is even better because now we are officially anticipating the arrival of our SON and our DAUGHTER! The gumballs were right, as were a lot of the rest of you who voted - thanks for your input, it was fun to see what people guessed. I know that I said we weren't going to post the results until after Saturday, but we all know that I can't keep my mouth shut and a lot of the people who I talk to on a regular basis just wouldn't take no for an answer last night, so of course I spent a good amount of time on the phone last night and this morning. :) We are so happy, and what's strange is that my gut feeling after the 12 week ultrasound was right - Baby A is a girl, and Baby B is a boy! And how crazy is it that the gumballs from Dave and Buster's were right?! I'm just so excited that we finally know! We could not be happier and we can't wait to meet our little girl and little boy. I'm relieved in some ways, actually, because I know that being different sexes will just allow them be their own people that much more, with their own interests and personalities.... My hope is that they will, even through cats-and-dogs fighting they will be allies and the best of friends. We will instill in them, even though it's natural for brothers and sisters to bicker, to love and respect each other no matter what. We have so much to look forward to, I am seriously bursting at the seams with joy.... Sure, we have our work cut out for us, but neither of us are scared of work, and it will be the most fun (and challenging, I know) work I've ever done. Have a great afternoon everyone, I might not post again until after I'm 30. :) 3 red roses for 3 years of marriage..... whoa our 50th is going to break the bank just in roses!Happy 3rd anniversary mommy and daddy! (Holy eyebrows Batman..... someone should have brushed those beasts for him before we left the house....)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's finally September 24th!

Then..... 1996

Today is the day! Happy 3rd anniversary Nina and KK! The week did go by fast to my surprise, but I have really been pouring myself into work and we've been concentrating on the house, so luckily we've been sufficiently distracted. I have that warm excitement filling me up right now, the anticipation is palpable, I barely know what to do with myself. I have a pretty extensive to-do list for the day, which includes buying Kristian the new Kings of Leon album that came out yesterday, (I'm notorious for buying him gifts that we'll both use - but it's cool because we agreed "not to buy each other anything"), and also buying myself (the business) an iTalk voice recorder for my phone interview with Joe Bonamassa this coming week (you can read all about that in the music blog after it happens, I'm super nervous, Joe is an amazing musician....) so I can preview his show at Harrah's this coming Thursday. -------- This feeling, I'm happy to say, is a familiar one. I have been blessed enough in my life to have many very happy birthdays and Christmases and Thanksgivings... and a beautiful, unforgettable wedding day... to recognize the excitement that I feel this morning. More than just the anticipation of an event, it's the anticipation being with family, talking, laughing, loving... I remember many instances when Joe was alive and we were in full swing of family get togethers (besides Joe himself it's the thing I miss most about when he was alive) where I found myself thinking: "this is what life is about." I had figured something out through those years that will stay with me forever - nothing is more important than the people you love and the people who love you. I take my relationships seriously (maybe too seriously sometimes) because they're important to me. I've learned that that's simply not the case with some people, but everyone comes from their own roots and all you can do is try to stay true to your own. You can't turn anyone into the person you wish they'd be. Anyhow, tonight I get to spend the evening with my family, Kristian and my children (although this is the most quiet they'll be in a restaurant in their lives...). We get to celebrate each other over what I know will be an amazing meal, reminisce over the past three fast, amazing years, and finally discover who our children are. Days like this are meant to be cherished and I plan to do just that. If you think about it, and I think about things like this a lot since Joe died, you only get a certain number of days like this, and so you'd better be present to them and appreciate their fleeting beauty and importance. Especially since, unfortunately, none of us know just how many of them we get - both the great ones and the not so great ones. And as romantic as it may sound, I plan on celebrating the not so great ones as well. As long as I have my family next to me - is anything really that bad?
------------------- Happy birthday Big Joe! Of course you know that we all wish you were here.... I know you're looking down on us, some of us you're proud of, some of us you'd love to slap clear across the face. You'll have your time. :) There's never been a single day when you are not a part of my thoughts at some point of the day, and although I am so fond of all of the memories I have of you and of our life as a family, I must be honest and tell you that there is still a gaping hole in my heart that I'm not sure ever will be filled. It's things like your death that make us all realize truly how unfair life can be. However, it's things like your life that teach us to treasure it. There's so many people who miss you and love you and relish the thought of seeing you just one more time - I guess we'll all get our time eventually! Love you and hope you're having a big 'ol party up there. (In case you haven't seen the painting below, it was a gift from Kristian to my mom the Christmas after Joe died.... beautiful, right?)
Have a great day everyone, and just so you know, I'm not posting the genders of the babies until after Saturday - if you're coming to the party Saturday you can vote in the 50/50 raffle we'll have going - YES I know there's a party but I DO NOT know any other details than that. All I know is it's Saturday. Thanks again for stopping in, give everyone you love a squeeze today and let them know it! xoxoxxooxo, Joanna

Friday, September 19, 2008


[ "You know I love you - even when you don't try... I know that our love will never die...... Hey darling when you look into my eye...... Please tell me you'll never have to say goodbye"].
Okay, whoever (Meredith) gets this, I'll know that you Googled it. There's no way in hell that anyone will be able to pull this out of thin air. Although the hook of the song (and title) did come out of thin air for me, I did have to Google the group who sings it. The sentiment, obviously, pertaining to the fact that I have to wait an entire 5 more days to find out the genders of our babies! This is getting pretty ridiculous. Patience, indeed, is a virtue... and I hate virtues. Just kidding, virtues are great. Not. Ugh who's idea was this?! Oh, mine. Damn. The anticipation is sweet though, I'll be honest.... And I'm pretty impressed with myself for not yet tearing the damn envelope open, or at least gently sliding open the scotch tape that seals the envelope in a covert operation where I would then do my best not to call everyone in creation and again in a day-time Emmy performance on Wednesday at dinner conjure up my best surprised/shocked/excited act, only to tell on myself minutes later to a disappointed KK. Guess I'll just save myself (and everyone else) and wait. Sigh. Lord knows I have plenty to keep me busy though, but isn't it funny how time only flies when you don't want it to?? Well, to cheer us all up, let's make fun of me! Here I am, at only 16 weeks along: (what a beautifully shot photo, KK. After his belly shots and his photos from Anne and Kris's wedding, he's out for a position with Joanna Kleine Photography. I'd give him one but he's got attitude :)
I'm starting to feel a little heavy in my belly ("really, you don't say?"), and just yesterday I started to actually wonder about how the rest of this is going to go down. I'll just keep reminding myself that even through my discomfort - as long as the babies are safe, I can hang. I'm going to take it easy as much as possible, especially after my last wedding, at which I'll be right at about 26 weeks. And I'm still not going to complain because thus far and even now I'm feeling great and haven't had to deal with the majority of pregnancy symptoms I read about... So, we'll cross the rest of the bridges when we get to them. I tend not to be the worrying type, which, under my current condition, is a good thing. Plus, after my next monthly check-up and ultrasound at 20 weeks (again the countdown is on!), I'll start going every 2 weeks to my OB's. That eases my mind also, considering how close of an eye is on me and the twins... But at the 2 week check-ups is where the medical team really gets down to business - I'll spare you the description of what goes down, but most complications in multiple pregnancies (except for miscarriages of course) happen after 20 weeks, so they'll be watching me like a hawk. And I'm going to take extra measure to really be nice to myself, so hopefully all of my work and the Dr's work will pay off and I'll get myself some fat & happy, term babies. Speaking of my beautiful babies :), here they are from Tuesday.... as you can imagine, I'm so visually spoiled with the images I see everyday that I find myself disappointed with the ultrasound imagery... To which Kristian chimes in "um, what exactly do you expect?" He's so good for putting me in my place. :) Baby A Baby B The tops of both babies' heads - how cute...

Unfortunately I didn't get the opportunity to shoot any video this time, hopefully next time. And I promise better pictures when they're on the outside. :) I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this amazing weather... Take care and thanks for stopping in!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"And I can rock a block-party 'til your hair turns gray!"

So I finally gave in. I have yet, that is until today, bought anything for the babies, more or less clothes. And I promise that I understand that they'll grow right the heck out of these, but I want my kids to be in touch with their inner rock star from day one. They'll be the hippest kids leaving the maternity ward when we blow that pop stand. How...cute...are....these!!?? Baby B gets the blue Bob onesie. My babies are bad to the bone.... They're Acquarians, so really all I'm doing is nurturing their anti-establishment personalities... PS, today's title is a toughie, let's see who gets it...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I was dancin' on the ceiling...!"

SUCCESS!! The babies genders are confirmed, written on the card that I brought by the very nice ultrasound tech, who then actually scotch-taped the envelope shut so that we wouldn't be tempted to open it, say, on the way home! I've never in my life experienced this sort of anticipation - just knowing that the information is written down and official and for sure... I have two sons, or two daughters or a son and a daughter.... Looks like 47% of you so far think it's a boy/girl team, we'll just have to wait until Wednesday! I can't wipe the smile off my face - you could punch me and I'd laugh. Both babies look great, their measurements all look on track - they each weigh around 6 oz. and both have nice quick heart rates. I am right on track with weight gain too - up 5 lbs from last month. Anyhow, I'm going to go dive into work as to try to make the days, hours and minutes go by faster until Wednesday.... Ahhhhh!!!! All this waiting...

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Take the long way home..."

Okay, this is going to be a long one, that's what I get for waiting a week to post - my life, right now at least (and so it has seemed ever since the end of college) is pretty damn eventful. So strap in, I had a pretty awesome week. We'll start with Wednesday, when good friend, Joe Christopher, and I headed out on a mini road trip to good ol' Columbia, Missouri, where the Journalism School is celebrating it's centennial and close to $1 billion (Billion with a "B") in renovations (much needed, I can attest to that). The day was really fantastic - the weather was beautiful, I was taking one of my favorite drives, with one of my favorite people. Joe and I met at Mizzou in an inconsequential communications class, and then, most importantly, when I came to work for the Journalism Library. Our mission Wednesday was to have lunch with Sue Scheurmann (head of the J-Library and smart ass extraordinaire) and to check out the new J-Library digs. Shamefully I didn't take any photos of the new library, I was too busy eating cookies and drinking soda if I'm being honest, although I managed to capture this cute one of me and Joe.... I felt really nostalgic that day, on the brink of tears almost at times. My experience at Mizzou was one of the best of my life thus far - coming 2nd only to marrying Kristian and naturally will have to take a back seat to the birth of and life with my babies... Nonetheless I will always cherish my time in Columbia and everything about the Journalism program. The program was no joke, indeed, which is why it relentlessly holds its position as the top Journalism program in the country. I am glad that I was (finally) in the mindset to get down to business after taking a little extra time to, ahem, "find myself," taking a semester longer than normal to finish high school and spending a little time in community college before I decided, with the love and support of my mom and Big Joe, that it was time to get serious, I wanted to be a part of Mizzou Journalism, and I knew I had it in me. It's amazing when you can be present to something enough to feel it in your bones, and Mizzou Journalism really did course through my veins, and still does. I was scared shitless a lot of the time, but young enough and naively ballsy enough to not let it hold me back. I was taught by Pulitzer prize winning professors, and worked next to Masters students in the Photojournalism program, who came from, literally, all over. I wrote some pieces I'm proud of and shot some photos I'm proud of. I met some people I'll never forget and had some conversations I'll never forget. Beyond all of that though it was just the atmosphere of sheer professionalism mixed with idealism and youth and heart that helped me learn who it is I strive to be - someone who can get down to business, with confidence and idealism. I don't win all the time, but then again, who does? I learned to ask questions - more questions, even, than I normally ask. I learned that everything is not what you see in the media, and I learned what the true job of the media should be. It doesn't win all the time either. -------- Anyhow the J-Library was a part of my experience there for 2 out of the 4 years (as was, of course, my various living arrangements where I met two of the best friends I'll ever have - Annie and Stacey) and most of all I just had fun there - Joe and I are both clowns and I'll admit I distracted him from his job, which was a lot more important than mine since he was actually staff and I was just a part-time student worker. We share a love of R&B and hip-hop - which no one around us at the time did... We play a mean game of Pictionary and can cut a rug at the club. We have an uncanny knack for color coordinating our outfits - without even consulting each other. Here's a couple more of me and Joe from "back in the day."And one of the circulation desk - Sue, our boss, is seated at her computer... And another of the "crew" at a holiday party (2001?) showing off the "classic Sue" pose... Pat simply refuses.Lunch was great (mmmm, fish & chips with malt vinegar), conversation with Sue was like we never left, we were super impressed with the new J-library, a little pissed, sure, that they hadn't completed such renovations while we were there.... Over all we were both really glad we made the trip, and to top the day off we stopped by my favorite pizza joint of all time, Shakespeare's. Anyone who has had it knows that it's one of a kind, both the pizza and the atmosphere. I paid a hefty $52 for two large, half-baked pies, which promptly filled the car with sweet aroma of Shakespeare's for the drive home - only heightening the anticipation for dinner that evening. Kristian was happy I didn't re-neg on my promise to bring home Shakespeare's - a fond memory of his also, considering how much time he spent in Columbia while I was there... I got home, we baked one of the pies the rest of the way, sliced it, added the ever necessary Parmesan and red pepper flakes, and got our eat-on. We felt like we were there, minus the hippies. It was worth every penny.

Thursday was a marathon day - although really a great day too... I had coffee with an old high school friend, April, who just so happens to have 18 month old twin girls! She brought Cameryn and Maddison with her, who are both simply adorable and really well-behaved actually, and she was kind enough to lend me some reading material - a book called "When you're expecting twins, triplets and Quads." I'm already a quarter of the way through it and have learned so much - more than from any of the other books I've read - since it speaks directly to moms of multiples. I learned that I'm not eating enough, that my craving for sweets and fats and red meat are all perfectly normal and to indulge in them since I need close to 3,000 calories a day and lots of protein, fats and carbos to keep the babies on track with healthy gain and growth.... I learned that twins develop faster than singletons initially since somehow they "know" that they won't have as long in the womb - and that their growth pattern actually slows down towards the end vs. speeding up as is the case with singletons since they both develop fast initially and that they'll simply run out of room towards the end. I learned that I'm doing a lot of the right things, and learned some things I need to get better with, like drinking 4 liters of water (I'm at about 3 liters now), and just cutting out the caffeine since it hinders hydration and fluids are super important. Some days are better than others with that - I love coffee. I feel armed with information and have listed a lot of questions to go over with my Dr. tomorrow morning... I can't wait!! I feel like every day before a Dr.s appt. and ultrasound is Christmas Eve!! Please everyone cross your fingers that my plan comes to fruition and that the ultrasound tech is able to confirm genders of the babies, write the info in my card that I'm bringing with me, and that Kristian and I will be able to sit down together at dinner on our 3rd anniversary next Wednesday and learn who these little people are dancing around inside of me..... Stay tuned for new pix of the babies, and video of the ultrasound (I'll post it on my YouTube page). ------ As Thursday continued I had lunch with a childhood friend Kim, who, just so happens to have 4 year old twin girls!! (I'm sure you see a pattern, I try to schedule all of my meetings with people who have twins and where there will be food... just kidding it's a blessing to see old friends and conversations with moms who have twins are invaluable - they've been there!). Kim and I haven't seen each other in a long time - since her wedding in 2003, and before that we were kids. I'm so glad that our paths have crossed again and look forward to hanging out with her any opportunity we get. We're both pretty insanely busy. ----- Lastly, after a meeting with Jordan at the studio, I headed over to my brother Michael's house to hang with him and my little niece G-Funk (Gretchen). We had a fab Mexican dinner with daddy/broham Mike and paid absolutely no attention to the fact that it was September 11th. I love hanging out with Gretchen, she just never ceases to impress me with her wit and insight... We all really have a lot to learn from 3-yr-olds. And just look how darn cute she is..... (PS, thanks Frankie for the rose - she loved it!!). "How many babies does Tia Juana have in her belly Gretchen?" "Two!" (she answers in a rolled-eye annoyed voice like, duh! I'm not stupid!).Okay, lastly (promise - thanks for hanging in there with me...), I can't wait for tomorrow, and I know I already said that. Below you'll see a photo from the 12week ultrasound that I hadn't posted yet mostly because Kristian has been in possession of it. It's a 3D shot of Baby B, and by far it's the best of the batch we got that day, except for the shot of them together, although only in the regular ultrasound mode... You'll notice that he (that's what we think Baby B is) has his hands over his eyes and that he's just simply, super cute and this is just an incredible image that I'm so happy we have. I know they'll both look so different and bigger tomorrow (hopefully we'll get more 3D pix!) and I'm beside myself with anticipation. I'll be sure to tell you all about it. Updates on the pregnancy: I feel great, I love watermelon, beef tenderloin and jalapenos, I'm turning into a hairy beast (you should see my belly), my skin is clearing up (yay, no more 13 yr. old pizza face!), I'm on the coffee wagon, and the kids are just big teases at this point with their "kicking." Less "kicking" really, more of just a random kick here and there, followed by... nothing. Oooh, they're crafty. They sure have me on a hook already..... Have a great week and please come back to visit and leave comments - and thanks to all the moms who have been leaving me advice on the must-have items after my Babies R Us freak-out post. Whew.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

If you can't say anything nice, come sit next to me.

[Disclaimer: this is not a song title or lyric.]

My friend Kathy alerted me that she has been unable to leave comments on the blog. This, of course, is unacceptable, so staying true to my high-tech, computer savvy ways, (ahem.), I have fixed the issue. Now anyone, yes, anyone, can comment. So, comment away.

Love, Joanna

Oh, PS, Babies R Us sent me into official panic mode today. I had to leave after registering for only 9 items, two of them being Boppys. I am trying to decompress at this point, and have instructed Kristian that his input is a must on items such as cribs, stroller, play yard, and all of the "gear." I will drag people like Kristy and my mom in for the other thousands of incidentals - for both the new and old school mom feedback (sorry GramBonnie, you're old!). Any of you moms out there that have been through this, I plead to you, tell me items that you would never buy again, items that just aren't worth buying but seemed like a good idea at the time, items that you wish you would have had, items that you can't live without etc. etc. I'm seriously overwhelmed, but I'll get through it. I came home promptly today after registering for my 9 items and continued the process of gutting/re-organizing our house - we're moving the office to the basement officially tomorrow. I'll post photos - I'm actually really excited about the space I'm going to have down there. Ugh.

"I like to move it, move it!"

Happy Saturday everyone! Okay so I'm pretty darn excited - I felt the babies move last night! More specifically I felt baby A move... I was laying in bed last night next to Kristian, laying on my left side snuggled up him, and I pushed in on the left side of my belly just enough to feel him or her move! I felt a slight kick, and then a very obvious rolling sensation... "I just felt one of the babies move!" I told KK, excited - but I had lost him to the night. Once he's horizontal you have approximately 3.5 minutes of opportunity for conversation. Anyway I spent the next half hour or so tuning into the movement, pushing and prodding on my belly.... and I did feel baby B move also but it was much more delicate of a movement than baby A - the only reason I know who is where is because we've seen their positioning in the ultrasound. And again this morning I felt baby A on the way to Livi (Kristy and Steve's daughter) and Jordan's (Nick and Nicole's daughter) soccer game, (let me tell you, watching 4 and 5 year- olds play soccer is one of the cutest things ever - and their team won!). And I'm just excited for them to continue to grow and be able to feel it all the time, it's an indescribable feeling, it is just one more event that helps this all become more real... that and today is the first day I've worn maternity jeans (THANKS AMY!), and I must admit, they're comfy as heck. My friend Amy was kind enough to lend me some maternity clothes yesterday - and I also got to see her beautiful brand new baby girl Chloe and hold her... I'm a natural. Actually she's just an awesome sleeper and could care less! :) I'm glad I have not had to buy anything - my friend Michelle also has lent me some clothes - I just need to hit up one or two more friends and my cheap butt might get away with buying absolutely no maternity clothes. I have no shame. More importantly..... How exciting is it that fall is fast approaching?! What a beautiful time of year - it's always been and always will be my favorite season. The cooling temperatures, crisp air, sleeping with the windows open, bonfires, hoodie-sweatshirts, Halloween, my birthday, our anniversary, long walks outside, football (I could really care less but KK now has a fantasy football team and mamma needs new shoes).... it's THE best time of year. Okay, off to Babies R Us for the first time with Lindsay.... Wish me luck, babies need so much crap. I'm going to get a head start on putting together my registry - save the date ladies, tell your friends, the shower will be on Sunday, November 9th. Come rub the Buddha belly for luck. :) Enjoy the rest of this amazing weekend.... xooxoxxoxo

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Celebrate good times, come on!"

[ Alright guys, this is an easy one, think World Series 1982... - for those of you new to the game, you have to guess what song the lyrics in the blog title belong to. Sometimes the blog title will be a song, in which case you have to guess the band/group. First person to guess correctly 5 times will win a fantastically mastered mix CD from yours truly - indeed a phenomenal prize. ]

Mmmmm, I just made our anniversary reservations for Ruth's Chris - a very favorite place for Kristian and I to have a romantic dinner together. I know that this will be one of the last. Unless we can get a willing babysitter. Anyone? This will be our 3rd wedding anniversary and the 3rd year in a row that we will have gone to Ruth's Chris... We always spend way too much money but it's just one of those nights where we can indulge and really celebrate each other and our friendship and marriage. Each of the past two years have been everything I could hope for in a romantic anniversary dinner with KK (although I'm sure he would shy away from the whole world knowing...). We always get a bottle of Savignon Blanc, the only wine Kristian's found that he likes - he's definitely a white drinker, not red like me... guess I can have a half glass this year. Then we exchange cards that we both spend considerable time and effort and gushiness writing love letters inside - he never fails to make me cry with how sweet he can be. Don't let the tough-guy facade fool you, he's a lover-boy. I always look forward to our anniversary and we will continue to make it a priority even amongst the chaos... I know it's important to set time aside for each other.... This year, hopefully, we will open another card, together, that will reveal the genders of our babies. I really hope that my plan works out - it will be a truly memorable dinner and evening. I can't wait! I'm a lucky girl, no doubt. We have a lot to celebrate, indeed we have a rich life. Sigh...... :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No pictures, please.

You know, some days you just don't want to be messed with. I know how you feel, darlin.' I sincerely hope my kids have such a sense of humor. Gotta love stumbling upon these little gems while editing - I know you shooters out there know what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"It's a sign from God."

Please excuse what appears to be a filthy, disgusting mirror - I promise that it is clean, but for some reason the flash on my point-n-shoot picks up every existing speck of dust or nick in the glass... Anyhow, here is my roundness as of a few minutes ago, at 14 weeks pregnant. You'll see the more professional looking ones (from the side against the brown wall with me wearing black pants) only every 4 weeks because Kristian has only agreed to photograph my belly every month. Quite the fussy artist he is. I know, however, that women pregnant with multiples change practically over night and I want to do photos every two weeks - even if it's just the casual, self-shot kind like you see above. Please note the rockin' tan that I have from being out on the boat.
On to a great story from the other night.... Kristian and I met up with his sister Jamie and her 4 kids: Kahrin, Grant, Kane and Lucas for Grant's dinner birthday on Tuesday at Dave and Busters. Holy iish, he's 12. I'm old. Anyhow, after dinner we all went to go play games - and of course you have to walk by Candy Row before you hit the games from the dining room.... Well my sweet tooth diverted my eyes right to the giant gumballs you see in this photo - I had a bunch of quarters so I decided to spin for one, curious what color would pop out. PINK! was the first. Well, of course I had to spin for a second one, "what are the chances," I thought to myself, "that I'll spin a pink or blue out of all these colors..." Well, BLUE! was what popped out, which is, of course, "a sign from God." (Sorry, movie quote this time, not song). How funny is that?! Seriously, as you can see (just left of Kahrin), I could have spun a red, purple, yellow, orange, white, multi-colored or green.... So, those of you that chose the boy/girl combo, just may be right..... Hmmmm.
And here is Lucas ("Lukie"), what a cutie pie, eh? I can't believe he's 15 mos already!!

And here's a funny one for you from just a couple hours ago - how many people do you know have started and almost finished washing their cars... only to have it start storming on them??

Well that's just what he gets for being so fussy, eh? Thanks anyway, baby.

"Reunited and it feels so good..."

Everyone needs incentives in life. I want to offer an incentive for you to visit my blog and for you to leave comments - so that I don't feel like I'm talking to myself, (although, I've been known to do exactly that and not care - sometimes the best conversations happen between yourself and yourself...) so here it is. I will title blog entries with either lyrics from songs or titles of songs, and you need to comment with: the title of the song if it is lyrics, and the band or group that sings the song if it's a title. The person who first guesses correctly 5 times, will win a prize. This contest is born out of inspiration that I received from Meredith (a long-time friend and fellow blogger who loves comments as much as me), who held a caption contest for a photo of her son Wyatt at Disney on a ride who had a hilarious look on his face. Anyway, the winner received a box of bacon and eggs shaped band-aids - also a hilarious and random prize - but a prize nonetheless. The prize to the winner of this contest will be music related - a mix CD of some of my favorite bands/songs right now. I have good taste in music, so you will like it, promise. :) Fair enough? I'll try to make the music titles/lyrics universal enough so that the contest is fair, and not just tailored to music fanatics like myself. Let the contest begin!

The title today refers to the fact that I will be re-engaging in my training program with my esteemed personal trainer, Becky Henderson. I'll be honest with you, I've been slacking with my diet for the past, oh, 12 weeks. I've been giving myself a break of sorts, because I worked really hard on getting healthy for the past year and successfully managed, with determination and help from Weight Watchers and training with Becky, to lose over 35 lbs. from September '07 to May '08. I'm really proud of that accomplishment because it was a huge hill to climb - pun intended. My training with Becky started in early Feb. of this year, and she was just what I needed to keep my head in the game and kick it up a notch. I felt really strong after just a few weeks with her, and she has trained pregnant women before, so I trust her and feel confident that she will train me safely and help me stay strong and confident - two virtues that I really need especially right now. Nutrition and exercise are a really important part of pregnancy and I need to get back on track. I want to be in the best physical shape possible when the kids get here - both to help in the delivery and also to help get me through the exhausting first few months... Exercise, for me, works wonders in my emotional attitude - working out is something you do for the health of yourself and the body that you've been given, which in turn helps you be the person you want to be for your family and friends and world. And you don't have to be a tri-athlete to benefit from it, I find that even a half-hour walk a day on my light days was beneficial - even if just to get out and feel the air and see the neighborhood.... Cycling is my favorite way to get exercise (I'm no Lance like KK, but I can hold my own - twice I've ridden a 30-mile route on the Missouri Riverfront Trail), but I've been restricted from it... Although I might cheat because I'm jonesin' for a bike ride, especially during this nice weather...... Anyhow I've managed to gain only 10 pounds in the 14 weeks (today!) that I've been pregnant - which is okay, average and tolerable, but now and increasingly in the 3rd trimester is where the real weight gain will start happening. I want to stay within a healthy range of weight gain and ensure that I'm doing everything nutritionally and physically that I can to help these babies get here safely. The good news is: my main craving for the past few weeks has been fruit - all of it, but especially peaches and watermelon. Sure fruit has sugar, but it's the best kind of sugar you can intake, and it's a sure-fire way to curb a sweets-attack. So, cross your fingers for me that everything stays on a healthy course. My biggest fear is that the babies will get here too early, so I'm going to try to do everything I can for myself and them in the meantime.

Lastly, I hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine, going out on our pontoon boat yesterday was certainly a highlight. (Disclaimer: the below photos are not from this weekend, they're all random from the past 2 years...) Although it was hot and humid yesterday, it didn't matter because we decided to spend the afternoon taking a long cruise up the Illinois river which was a beautiful, breezy ride. The sun was out, but we had the "white boy canopy" out for a shady escape from the rays and heat. It was just Kristian, myself, Andy and Lindsay (our good friends and co-owners of the boat), which was nice because it's rarely just the four of us. Lindsay is expecting their first child, a baby girl, in early December, so we got to talk "shop" so to speak for a lot of the day - it's helpful to have someone close to me that's just 3 months ahead of me in their pregnancy - to compare notes. It was just an incredibly peaceful, gorgeous day and the icing was definitely watching the season premiere of Prison Break last night!! I'm so glad it's back on!! Sunday was great too - seeing Annie and Kris was everything I could hope for, although our time together is always too short. They loved the framed photos and slide show of the wedding pictures - Annie even cried, which was so fulfilling for me both as her friend and her photographer. Having family over was great too that evening, Gretchen stole the show of course engaging everyone in a game of hide-n-seek and just being her general cute self. The wedding on Saturday with Jon went really well - I love working with him and look forward to doing so a lot more over the coming wedding seasons......